Twemlow Parish 

In the heart of Rural Cheshire

Twemlow Parish Councillors and Officers

Craig Brandreth
Email Craig Brandreth
16 Twemlow Lane, Twemlow. Cheshire CW4 8DT
Terry Price
Email Terry Price
Twemlow Lane, Holmes Chapel CW4 8DT
Maureen Bayley
Victoria Marchant
Clerk to the Council
01260 270495
Email Victoria Marchant
45 Blythe Avenue, Congleton, Cheshire, CW12 4LQ
Syd Bowers
Russell Burns
Nathalie Burns
Wendy Laverick

County Councillors serving the Twemlow area:

Les Gilbert
County Councillor
01477 544307
Email Les Gilbert
Andrew Kolker
County Councillor
01477 544513
Email Andrew Kolker
42 Primrose Chase, Goostrey CW4 8LJ

Backgound to the need for councillors to register their interests.

This section of the Twemlow Parish website explains the new rules set out by East Cheshire District Council, which apply to all Quality councils.

Click below to access the following documents:

Letter from National Association of Local Councils, explaining the background

 The code of conduct signed by Twemlow Council on 10 September 2012

The notices of registerable interest completed by each councillor can be found in the table below:

Registers of Interest

Date Document
26-Jun-2017 Wendy Emma Laverick
01-Jan-2016 Terance Price
26-Jun-2017 Russell Burns
26-Jun-2017 Robert Sydney Bowers
26-Jun-2017 Nathalie Burns
26-Jun-2017 Maureen Dorothy Bayley
01-Jan-2016 Craig Brandredth
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